Our Degrees

Our undergraduate and graduate degrees are designed to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical principles vital for comprehending, conveying, and scrutinizing information in various settings. Graduates from our programs are adept at addressing issues in communication, information management, and conflict resolution and are prepared to take on contemporary challenges.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication

Acquire a solid foundation in Communication and explore community-based communication, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and policy, and media arts.

Minor in Communicology

Gain knowledge and develop essential skills related to human communication while completing your chosen major.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communicology

Develop practical communication skills, explain communicative behavior, craft persuasive arguments, address communication challenges, and conduct ethical research.

Bachelor/Master (BAM) in Communicology

Acquire a scientific understanding of human communication, refine your ability to communicate effectively, and empower others to enhance their communication skills.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism

Learn how to make professional media while developing critical-thinking skills and the ability to gather, organize, understand, promote, and share community information.

Undergraduate Certificate in Peace Studies

Undergraduate Certificate in Peace Studies

Broaden perspective, develop critical thinking skills, and gain foundational knowledge in war and peace, justice and human rights, conflict resolution, and governance issues.

IS BA in Peace and Conflict Resolution

IS BA in Peace and Conflict Resolution

In partnership with the Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) program, develop fundamental peace-building skills and practice conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation.


Master of Arts (MA) in Communication

Master of Arts (MA) in Communication

Develop knowledge in pivotal areas in the field of communication, including social media, strategic and intercultural communication, and communication technologies.

Master of Arts (MA) in Communicology

Investigate the dynamics of human interaction, the role of cultural perspectives and social identities, and how people can create understanding and communicate effectively.

Master in Library and Information Science Additional Opportunity CIS Interdisciplinary PhD

Master in Library and Information Science

Explore and apply diverse and individualized coursework and experiences applicable to various information environments to become an effective and reflective professional.

Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution

Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution

Study the comprehensive theory and hands-on practice of conflict resolution to cultivate constructive communication skills highly sought after in diverse professional fields.

CIS Interdisciplinary PhD

Develop mastery of theoretical traditions, technological concepts, and research methodologies across several disciplines in the communication and information sciences.